Studio Rental

The Studio can be rented for practice purposes or if you want to engineer your own session.

Mixing & Mastering

We offer full mixing and mastering services to help put the finishing touches on your production and get the final piece release ready

Video Production

We can produce various types of videos from music videos and lyric videos to corporate videos for business’ and events

Song Writing

We can assist at various stages of the song writing process

Remote Recording

We can take the studio to your school,college or premises if need with our remote recording service

Podcast Production

We produce audio and video podcasts from the studio for a variety of clients including Donegal Daily and Lisa Logic

Vocal Recording

We can record vocals for all types of songs, be it acapella or full vocal production. We also have the facility to do a VO for TV Radio and Movies including ADR.

Music Production

With over 15 years producing music we can take your song idea and make it a full production. We have years of experience working with various styles of dance music, pop and everything in between.

Recording Services

We can record a wide variety of instruments here from basic vocals, drum kits, guitars, and even choirs in our acoustically treated live room, using the best of both analog and digital recoding equpment