Music Production Course

12 week program covering all aspect of music production and creating your own sound and music. Aim of thsi course is to understand all areas of music production from arrangement to music theory

Sound Engineering Course

A 12 week Sound Engineer Course which will give you the knowledge to start getting better home recordings and also the knowledge on how to improve your live sound for events

Training Room

We have a spacious training room fully equipped with production station with interface and keyboard running the steinberg cubase software

Live Room

We have an acoustically treated and spacious live room which is suitable for recording many musical instruments and set ups

Studio 2

Studio 2 is our music production, mixing and mastering suite. This studio is mainly geared toward the digital domain but we do utilise analog mastering equipment

Studio 1

The best of analog and digital recording systems

Mixing & Mastering

We offer full mixing and mastering services to help put the finishing touches on your production and get the final piece release ready

Video Production

We can produce various types of videos from music videos and lyric videos to corporate videos for business’ and events