Over 15 years experience in recording.....
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We work with artists to get the best from their ideas and assiting in the creative process.
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Production &
Recording Courses
We offer courses in music production and Sound engineering and 1 to1 training
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What We Do

Studio Services

We help artists and DJs at various stages in their song writing and production.
We can take your idea and develop it to the style and feel that works best with your idea.
We can also assist with the the task of distribution,
release scheduling, planning and copyright issues.

Live Instruments

We have the ability to record a variety of instruments from basic vocals and guitars to full drum kits and choirs.

Multiple Studios

We have 2 main studios one for mainly tracking and recording purposes and the other production suite mixing and mastering

Professional Equppment

We have all the latest software and plugins from UAD, Avid Steinberg,this coupled with top end Analogue gear from Manley, Moog and SE electronics, make a great envioremtn for the best of ananlgue and digital

Releasing & Distribution

We can help with the distribution of your music to the likes of Spotify & iTunes and help with promotion and release scheduling

Song Writing

We can assist at various stages of the song writing process, from taking it from an initial idea to the final touches.

Music Production

We have many years experience producing a wide variety of musical styles. With over 20 years exoerience and 100s of releases under our belt.

Our Premises

Select your studio

  • Studio 1

    This studio offers the best inn analogue and digital.

    Rates €40 / Hour (Off Peak)

    €50 / Hour (Peak Times)

    Studio 1
  • Studio 2

    A comforable and creative space using all the latest plugins using Universal Audio interface, high quality monitoring system in a acoutically treat room. 



    Studio 2
  • Live Room

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    Live Room
  • Rehersal Space

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    Rehersal Space
  • Training Room

    We run course in music production and sound engineering, both for beginners and advanced level 

    Training Room


    Recent Recordings


    Artists Trust Us

    • George Houston

      "Brilliant Studio, Tommy's knowledge on sound and production is invaluable during the recording process"

    • Dónall Ó Héalai

      "Full Tilt Studios offer comprehensive recording services, from Voiveover to ADR, the quality of audio is excellent. Tommy is brilliant to work with, I’ve had nothing but positive experiences at Full Tilt Studios - Highly recommended! "

    • Chelsea Evans

      "Tommy is on the ball with everything, has the patience of a saint and always makes sure the finished track is top class and always goes above and beyond to help in whatever way he can! "

    • Deirdre McLaughlin

      I would highly recommend Full Tilt studios to any artists looking for a top quality production! Tommy is so versatile in producing various genres and styles of music and the studio itself has everything you could need!

    • Lisa Logic

      I couldn’t recommend Tommy at Full Tilt Studios enough! I came with an idea for a Podcast - something that I had been chatting about for years . He added to my vision ten fold , he saw things I didn’t see and was able to incorporate my personality into the set and production 

      Tommy turned that idea into reality!

    • Howlin Hallions

      "Sometimes an artist can be two attached to the work to hear or move in a direction that benefits the piece, Tommy has a way of with working with each artist recognising an approach that suits each personality and draws the best performance from the act and the art."

    • Michael Maloney

      "For Me Tommy's biggest strength is managing the creative process. I could not recommend Full Tilt Studios highly enough"

      Don’t hesitate to contact us

      If you would like to contact us about a project or ong you have in mind please click the link below to reach out and let us talk you through some options for your project.

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