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We have the facility here to record many different types of instruments and styles of music. We have worked on smaller singer-songwriter projects to record decent-sized choirs in our spacious live room.

We have worked on many projects from all styles of music from Traditional to Pop to Dance and all in between 

We have a selection of high-end microphones and use the best of both analogue and digital technologies for recording.  

We do our best to create a relaxed enjoyable creative space for our artists so they can enjoy the recording experience and to get the best performance and recorded content from them. Please see below of some of the project we have recorded. 

Gear included

Recording Services

Hourly Rates
Half Day Rates (4 Hours)
Full Day Rates (8 Hours)

We can offer discounts on block booking and bigger projects please contact to for the best possible price.

We can do prices and quotes for specific projects so please contact us with the details so we can arrange as accurate quote as possible.

Have any question?

Please feel free is you have a question abouta recording project you may have and we can discuss the ption available to you. 

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